Membership: Application Process

Membership: Application Process2018-09-05T18:13:16+00:00

Adults who have an affiliation with New England are welcome to apply for membership. Affiliations include having been born in New England (or having ancestors who were), attending a college or secondary school in New England, owning a home in New England, or being the spouse of a Society member.

An excerpt from our Bylaws follows:

Section 1. Eligibility. Any person of good moral character who is a native or descendant of a native of any of the New England States, or who is a graduate of a secondary school or an institution of higher learning located in any one of the New England States, and who demonstrates strong devotion and loyalty to New England, or who is the spouse, widow or widower of a member, and is eighteen years of age or older, is eligible to be nominated for membership in the Society. Candidates for membership in the Society may be elected to membership by the Directors at a meeting of the Board of Directors.

Download the membership application here.¬†Return completed application to Proposer, who will secure Seconder’s signature and forward to membership chair.