Making an Award for Excellence in the Study of History.


1.  As soon as possible, the responsible school official should return a completed "response form" indicating the school's intention to nominate a student, the name of either the honoree or the faculty member whom the society should contact for the nomination, the name of the person to whom the book should be delivered (if, for example, the book should be sent directly to the coordinator of the awards ceremony), and the date of the ceremony.

2. If the name of the nominee is not available immediately, the school will be allowed as much time as possible before being contacted by the Society to learn the name of the nominee, and the name of the college in which the nominee expects to enroll.

The nominee's name is needed at least two weeks before the ceremony at which the award will be presented in order to allow enough time for preparation and delivery of the book.

3. Members of the Society will select and purchase books to be used as awards.  They also will prepare and insert bookplates, and mail awards via parcel post to the designated school staff member.

4. The person to whom the book is sent is asked to return a copy of the graduation (or awards ceremony) program when it becomes available.


This is used by H.S. Assistant Principals responding to the Society's request for nomination.

The Form (also available below) is sent out to High Schools midway through the Spring semester (approximately April 1)

Click to view and download a Response Form.